Text to Speech Online

Text to Speech Online

Our Free Text to Speech Online Converter Tools is an advanced, user-friendly platform that transforms written text into high-quality natural speech. The online text-to-speech synthesis tool leverages Microsoft AI speech library to produce voices that closely resemble human narrators. With over 100 voices to choose from, multilingual and multi-dialect support, as well as the ability to mix Chinese and English, our service caters to a diverse range of applications—from news reading and travel navigation to intelligent hardware and notification broadcasting. Audio output is adjustable, enabling customization of speech rate, pitch, and style, enhancing the user experience. The final speech can be downloaded in MP3 format for convenience. Supporting all modern browsers, our tool is becoming a vital asset for global content creators.

Top Features:
  1. Realistic Synthesized Speech: Natural-sounding voices matching human intonation and emotion.

  2. Customizable Narrator Voice: Tailor the AI voice to align with your brand identity.

  3. Fine Speech Controls: Advanced settings for speech rate pitch and style adjustments.

  4. Multilingual Support: Over 330 voices across 129 languages and dialects.

  5. Browser Compatibility: Full feature support on Chrome Firefox and the new version of Edge.


1) Can I choose from different voices in the text-to-speech converter?

Yes, our text-to-speech tool allows you to select from over 100 different voices across various languages and dialects.

2) Does the text-to-speech converter support different reading styles?

Our tool supports a wide range of reading styles, including newscasts, customer service, emotions, and more.

3) Can I download the speech as an MP3 file?

Yes, the synthesized speech can be downloaded in MP3 format for easy saving and sharing.

4) Which browsers are supported by the text-to-speech converter?

We support the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Edge for all features, while WeChat only supports playback.

5) Does the text-to-speech tool offer multilingual support?

Our tool supports over 330 neural network voices across 129 languages, enabling you to reach a global audience.




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