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Experience enhanced productivity and collaboration with, your AI-driven workplace assistant optimized for managing work-related tasks. effortlessly transcribes, summarizes, and tracks to-dos, turning every meeting into actionable items. With features like AI-powered to-do lists, you can quickly prioritize and organize work, significantly improving your workflow and boosting productivity. integrates seamlessly with key communication tools such as Zoom, Google Meet, Gmail, and Slack, effectively bridging communication gaps within teams. Offering a 7-day free trial without requiring a credit card, promises to unlock an extra 2 hours daily for more effective communication. Start for free and join over 100,000 users who have already enhanced their meeting efficiency. also serves as a robust meeting transcription software for Google Meet and Zoom. It keeps you engaged in conversations by providing real-time transcription, note-taking, and follow-up drafting. This tool ensures you capture every important discussion point, whether you're in a large conference call or a small team meeting. Compatible with both Google Meet and Zoom, is an indispensable tool for anyone aiming to enhance productivity and streamline communication in virtual meetings.

Top Features:
  1. Transcription & Summarization: AI-driven transcriptions and summaries of meetings for effective communication and follow-ups.

  2. To-Do Lists: Generate organized to-do lists from meeting content to prioritize and manage tasks efficiently.

  3. Integration with Teamwork Tools: Native integration with platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Slack for seamless collaboration.

  4. Meeting Efficiency: Users report significant time-savings and increased productivity in meeting management.

  5. User Experience: Loved by 100,000+ users for improving meeting outcomes and streamlining workflows.


1) How many languages does Noty transcribe?

Noty transcribes in multiple languages, please check the website for the exact count.

2) How accurate is Noty meeting transcription?

Noty provides up to 95% accuracy in meeting transcriptions.

3) What is AI meeting transcript summarization?

AI meeting transcript summarization is the process of creating succinct, actionable summaries from transcriptions using artificial intelligence.

4) What types of AI meeting summarization does Noty offer?

Noty offers AI-driven, context-aware summaries that capture the essence of meetings for review or record-keeping.

5) Do you offer discounts? Do you have storage or email limitations?

For information on discounts and any applicable limitations regarding storage or email, please refer to the website or contact their support.




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